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Please read our Cookie and Privacy Policy if you want to learn more about cookies in general why and how we rely on cookies.

All our visitors referred to in this Privacy Policy as „User/s“, „Your“, or „You“, should take some time to go through our Privacy and Cookies Policy. Our Privacy and Cookies Policy is collectively named „Privacy Policy“ and in the further sections, we will refer to it as the „document“. The company in charge will be referred to as „Us“, „We“, or simply the „Company“. The Privacy Policy gives you all the information you need about why and how we process your personal information.

Occasionally, you may come across promotional and advertising links here by third-party sites, and everything regarding this type of marketing content on the site is discussed in one of the following sections. Visitors to the site should take some time to review our Privacy Policy before they provide their personal and other info.

It also should be noted that everyone visiting the site gives their consent to us to collect and process their personal and other information as outlined in the following sections of this document.

What Kind of Information Do We Collect?

All the different forms of personal and other information we collect about the site’s visitors are always classified as non-personal. In other words, as you use our website, we collect your personal information in a way that it remains non-identifiable. This may include but is not limited to information about your device, as well as, different technical info, such as your IP address.

We also collect different hardware and software information, such as information about your web/mobile web browser you use to access the site, your device’s operating system, your device’s time and language settings, etc. The main goal of collecting this type of information from our visitors is to improve the overall functionality of the site based on your previous activities.

OCR Cookies Policy

Cookies allow us to identify visitors to the website and provide them with the best surfing experience possible. By collecting Cookies, we can also work further on improving the site’s overall functionality and design. 

What are Cookies?

In the simplest terms, Cookies are small files that are downloaded and stored on your surfing devices and these small files contain important information about your past browsing sessions. Cookies are collected to make your browsing experience more hassle-free as they keep track of your past browsing sessions and preferences. Essentially, cookies enable the automatic activation of specific browsing features. 

The website uses different types of cookies and these are briefly discussed in the following sections. 

Persistent Cookies: Persistent cookies are generally stored for a longer time period. Different companies store persistent cookies for different time period. Generally, companies store persistent cookies for a period of twelve months. 

Sessions Cookies: Unlike persistent cookies, session cookies are only stored during your browsing sessions and they are deleted once your browsing sessions stop. Session cookies are stored on the site for one reason, for the site to function properly. If you disable session cookies, you may have smaller issues with browsing the site. 

In our case, we rely on the services of different companies responsible for monitoring and analyzing web traffic and user interaction. With this being said, the company in the charge of the site has no control over the way these third-party companies conduct their monitoring and analyzing practices. 

  • Functionality Cookies: These are used to identify repeat customers and allow Us to save their browsing preferences to improve their future browsing experience.
  • Targeting Cookies: These enable Us to track which sections of the site and links customers visit. We use this type of cookies to improve the relevance of our Website based on your part browsing interest.
  • Analytical/Performance Cookies: These cookies collect anonymous visitor data and show Us which sections or pages of the Website are accessed, how long visitors spend on certain sections of the Website, and how users access parts of the Website. By collecting these types of cookies, we can provide our users with easier access. 

By continuing to use our Website, you acknowledge and agree to the use of the aforementioned cookie types. You also agree to the use of additional tracking technologies as discussed in this document. None of the cookies mentioned above contain any personal information or information that can be used to identify You personally.

If you want to disable cookies, go to your internet browser's "settings," then select "privacy and security," then "Cookies and other site data," and then choose to block some or all cookies. Keep in mind that disabling cookies can result in poor site performance.

How Third-Party Links Work?

As previously mentioned, you may come across third-party links on the site and if you decide to access these sites, make sure you go through their Privacy Policies. It also should be noted that our Privacy Policy does not contain information about other sites’ use of cookies or information about their Privacy Policies.

With this being said, we are not responsible for potential liability issues you may come across upon accessing any of the third-party sites featured on the website. This means that by accessing these sites, you accept any potential liability issue that may arise. Also, we are not held responsible for any issues that may occur after accessing these sites, so take the time needed to review their Privacy Policies before you keep browsing.

How We Use Collected Information?

We may also use the information we collect from You for the following purposes:

  • To maintain or improve the overall safety and security of the website
  • To use your personal info in order to conduct website analytics and research
  • To further evaluate all of the accessed site’s content
  • To make sure that the collected information complies with loyal laws and regulations
  • To comply with demands of local governmental agencies

How Do We Share Collected Information?

Data we collect can be shared with trustworthy third-party sites and agencies, including:

  • Service providers whose services we have obtained in order to perform different site functions such as site’s technical diagnostics, site analytics, and site research.
  • Auditors, advisers, and any potential investors or buyers in the Company, if such data is useful in any way. This information may also be shared with our affiliates and/or subsidiaries. We may share information with the potential buyer or seller of such assets or business in the event of a potential merger, sale of a portion of the business, or if the Company has an interest in buying any other business or asset.
  • GetResponse: A US-based certified mailing application provider. They are in charge of our newsletter.

It is important to note that the information processing to third parties discussed in the previous section will always follow and adhere to the security obligations outlined in this Privacy Policy and all the different applicable laws and regulations.

Privacy Policy Disclosures

We may also share collected information:

  • If the government or other relevant law enforcement agencies request it.
  • If it is necessary to enforce any legal rights, such as intellectual property rights.
  • If it is necessary to take action against any illegal activities, security issues, or other types of wrongdoing.
  • If we need the information to enforce our internal policies.
  • If we need to use the information to fight legal claims against us.
  • If we need the information to protect the safety and rights of the Company.

Your Information Preservation

By using the website, you acknowledge that you have read the Privacy Policy outlined in this document and that you understand and agree to the terms for storing and processing your information. We will make sure that all data collected from our users is processed following the terms outlined in this document. We will also make sure that such data is stored safely and is only shared with our trustworthy partners and other circumstances as discussed above.

Information Security and Sharing

Your privacy is extremely important to Us, and this is why we must update and maintain our security procedures at all times. We use industry-standard policies and procedures to keep your data safe and secure and to prevent any unauthorized use of your information. While we prioritize the security of your non-personal data, at the same time we cannot guarantee that we will be able to prevent your info from being compromised at all times.

Regardless of Our Site's efforts to keep Your information secure, sharing information over the Internet can never be 100% safe, so we cannot guarantee that the personal information you share on the site remains safe at all times. With this being said, keep in mind that everything you share online is done at your own risk.

Our Site is accessible worldwide, and your personal information may be transferred to countries both within and outside the European Union. Data protection laws in countries other than the European Union may be not as strict as those in the EU. It is important to note that in these cases, we will take all necessary actions to ensure that any data collected from you is stored and protected the right way. You consent to the transfer of your data under the terms and conditions outlined in the previous sections of the document.

Protection of Minors

If You are under the age of eighteen and are legally referred to as a minor, You are not permitted to use the services provided by the website. If you decide to use these services, you agree that You are of legal age to use the site. If this is not the case, the site is not held accountable.

Account Cancellation

Users of the site have the right to have their accounts deleted and their data deleted from the system. If you want to do so, get in touch with our customer care representatives and they will tell you the next steps required to have your account removed.

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Privacy Policy Updates

We recommend you visit this Privacy Policy regularly because it may be updated at any time. The most recent version of This Document is always available on the site, and if there are any significant changes, you will be informed via email and/or newsletter.

By continuing to use the website after receiving notice from us of any updates made to the Privacy Policy, you acknowledge all of the changes made.

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