4ThePlayer Unveils Mammoth Wins with 10 000 BC DoubleMax™

OCR Editor. - August 10, 2023
10 000 BC DoubleMax™

4ThePlayer's latest release, 10 000 BC DoubleMax™, takes players back to the Ice Age for an adventure of colossal proportions. This exclusive game, launched through Yggdrasil, combines innovative mechanics for electrifying wins.

The iGaming world is excited as 4ThePlayer introduces its latest sensation, 10 000 BC DoubleMax™. This exhilarating release whisks players away to the ancient Ice Age, promising monumental rewards through its innovative DoubleMax and GigaBlox mechanics. Following a successful limited-time launch, the game's exclusivity via Yggdrasil adds to the anticipation.

A Prehistoric Adventure: 10 000 BC DoubleMax™

Step back in time and embrace a world of colossal creatures and extraordinary rewards. 10 000 BC DoubleMax™ serves as a bridge to the past, captivating players with its distinctive blend of two captivating Game Engagement Mechanics (GEMs) - DoubleMax and GigaBlox.

DoubleMax: Doubling the Excitement

The legendary DoubleMax feature takes center stage, propelling the thrill factor to new heights. With each cascade, the total win multiplier doubles, creating an electrifying snowball effect of potential winnings.

10 000 BC DoubleMax™ Screenshot:

10 000 BC DoubleMax™ Screenshot

GigaBlox: Symbols of Mammoth Proportions

The excitement reaches mammoth proportions with the introduction of GigaBlox symbols. These colossal icons dominate the reels, paving the way for massive payouts and igniting players' anticipation.

Mammoth Explode and Mammoth Shuffle: Unleashing Wild Energy

Adding an extra layer of fun, 10 000 BC DoubleMax™ presents the Mammoth Explode and Mammoth Shuffle features. The Mammoth Explode initiates a cascade when no wins remain on the reels, accompanied by a win multiplier and a random wild symbol.

The Mammoth Shuffle takes the gameplay up a notch, as GigaBlox symbols are transported from the right to the left by a woolly mammoth. This thrilling move guarantees a win, while subsequent cascades shift the GigaBlox reel back to the right, ushering in even more win possibilities.

Unveiling Free Spins: Mammoth Ram Cascades

As players journey through the Ice Age landscape, the game's free spin feature is triggered when three or more scatter symbols grace the reels. This phase promises extra Mammoth Ram cascades and guaranteed Mammoth Ram shuffles, all while maintaining the win multiplier for unbridled winning potential.

10 000 BC DoubleMax™ Features:

10 000 BC DoubleMax™ Features:


Powered by GATI: A Technological Marvel

Driving the excitement of 10 000 BC DoubleMax™ is GATI, Yggdrasil's state-of-the-art technology. This innovative backbone empowers partners to harness the potential of the preconfigured, regulation-ready, and standardized development toolkit, ensuring seamless innovation and rapid distribution.

A Word from the Experts:

Mark McGinley, Chief Gaming Officer at Yggdrasil, shares his anticipation:

10 000 BC DoubleMax™ is a testament to the power of combining our popular GEMs, offering players a gaming experience like never before.

Henry McLean, Co-Founder - Commercial & Marketing Director at 4ThePlayer, adds:

Prepare for an adventure of mammoth proportions with 10 000 BC DoubleMax™. With GigaBlox and DoubleMax at the forefront, this game promises electrifying gameplay and thrilling features like the Mammoth Shuffle and Explode.

Embark on a journey through time, where colossal rewards await with every spin. 10 000 BC DoubleMax™ invites players to embrace the past while enjoying cutting-edge mechanics for a gaming experience that's truly monumental.

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