Online Gambling in Ghana

Online Gambling in Ghana

Ghana has some of the world's best legislation in terms of gambling ensuring that both operators as well as gamblers are respected and receive fair and predictable treatment.

Ghana’s gambling industry is one of the biggest and most popular on the African continent. It’s growth has been constant and has led to a strong presence both in terms of land based as well as online casinos. The growth is mostly due to the progressive legislation which was adopted very early on.

The country’s stable economy and good growth is also a reason for the growth of online gambling, with more locals enjoying the high-quality services provided by some of the world’s biggest online casino brands.

A short history

The gambling issue was resolved quite quickly in the country, with the first legislation to deal with gambling being drafter more than 50 years ago. The Casino Licensing Act of 1975 as well as the Gambling Machines Act of 1973 and the Lotteries Betting Act of 1960 are all pieces of legislation which gave a well-established starting place for the industry since the 1960s. More recently, in 2007, Ghana established the National Lottery Authority, much to the dismay of private lottery operators which have attacked the measure in court. A decision on the matter has yet to be taken.

The legal aspect

Early legislation made it so that all gambling establishment had to meet some strict rules in order to operate, creating a healthy industry which has a history of good practices. While legislation was adopted as far back as the 1960s, decades before the creation of the internet, the current online gambling industry is recognized as legal based on the same rules.

Online gambling in all forms, including online casinos are thus completely legal in Ghana. Casinos can be licensed in the country or simply operate in the country while being licensed in other parts of the globe.

Ghana online casinos are freely available to all Ghana residents and can be enjoyed without any restrictions.

In fact, Ghana has some of the best legislation on the continent and in the world for that matter, allowing for predictable standards for operators and high-quality services for clients.

A growing popularity

Due to the ever growing reach of high speed internet and the improving economy, the popularity of online gambling has also grown. From numerous classic forms of gambling such as lotteries to the most interesting and well-developed games in the biggest online casino brands, all can be accessed without any limits or restrictions by the Ghana public.

Looking ahead

The growth of the industry is expected to bring in more foreign companies as the market grows as well as improved mobile service that allows the public to access their favorite games from anywhere from their smartphones or tablets.

The guide

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