Real Money Blackjack

Real Money Blackjack

Ready to play real money online blackjack? Here we’ve assembled a list of the best online casinos that offer superb blackjack games with features such as multi hand, high limit tables and multi player tables and live blackjack.

Play Real Money Blackjack

The number of blackjack players has surged since the popular table game made the transition to online casinos. Nothing was lost in the process because players can still enjoy the thrills of live dealer blackjack from the comfort of their home. Online gamblers can make giant leaps forward because there’s plenty of useful content over the Internet regarding strategies and bankroll management.

Real money blackjack rewards perseverance, commitment and the use of intelligent strategies. By relying on mathematics instead of pure luck players can further drive down an already low house edge. With the correct strategy, the return on investment can surpass 99% which is better than virtually any other casino game. Players from Ghana can hone their skills at play money tables before gambling on real cash.

How to Play Real Money Blackjack

At the cornerstone of real money blackjack is the goal of producing a hand as close as possible to 21. Both the dealer and the player received two cards and the latter decides how many more he wants. If the player has a hand closer to 21 than the dealer then he wins, otherwise the hand is lost. The stake can also be returned if both parties come up with the same hand, which is called at tie.

The best paying hand is a natural blackjack which consists of an Ace and a face card or a 10. This hand is better than a combination of cards that result in 21. At real money blackjack tables, cards have their face value from 2 to 10, while all face cards count as 10 and Aces can be used as both 1 and 11.

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